All About Leo

Leo is the lion, and symbolizes the fifth sign of the zodiac calendar. N is outgoing and positive male characters for the sun. Is this problem fixed sign is associated with the element fire and is the fifth house. This sign of the zodiac comes from the constellation Leo. People born between 22nd July and 22nd August come under this sign. Leo individual character is made by burning heart, control and warm. The lion represents confidence, courage and generous nature.

Important Facts about Leo

Ruling Element: Fire

Symbol: Lion

Ruling Planet: Sun

Love Planet: Uranus

Type of sign: Fixed and Stable

Best days: Sunday

Lucky Gems: Amber

Lucky metal: Gold

Lucky color: Yellow
Positive features: the qualities of strong leadership, born brave, creative, competent, generous, open, affectionate, warm-hearted leader dignity, wide and high.

Negative traits: You can arrogant, vain, authoritarian impulse, interfere with, condescending, dogmatic, intolerant and pompous.

 They are very possessive and protective lover and tend to support partners in all situations. They are considered hot love care and treat your loved ones. A sign of the sun the most competent of romance and love is why all have the property of loving compassion. They are generous lover I love you sexy and seductive. For them, their love life always full of enthusiasm and excitement. If they marry, they are very loyal and very possessive of their partners.

Leo's are born leaders and they like to pay their own way. They love to have a position of power, so that it can rule others. They are good organizers and they love to make new projects and work on new tasks. Some of these professionals, who are best suited for them, are the armed forces, acting, dance, politics, painter, musician and teacher.   Strengths: They are very friendly by nature and tend to worry about many of their relatives.  Weaknesses: He can intervene too authoritarian, and sometimes makes them very unbearable.  Leo's are the people who trust, love passionately; producing different noble ideas are always good and inspire others.