How to Make a Leo Man Fall in Love With You

Oh yes the lions! They are not so easy to impress and they definitely think that they are the king of this world. Sure sounds self-centered to me but sadly we as humans tend to fall in love with the most egocentric things ever on this planet! If you are looking forward to make a Leo Man fall in love with you then here are two tips that you could follow to make this dream come true.

Tip #1

When dealing with a Leo men, always make him feel like he is the king of the world. Leo's like to hear praises and like to praise themselves to any person who will care to listen. When your Leo man is filled with self praise and is sharing it with you, make certain that you listen patiently. You could also corroborate his praises and praise him two folds more and you will see that you have become the apple of a Leo's eye.

Tip #2

Let the lion eat first. This has to be the number one rule of survival if you are looking at a relationship with a Leo man. This tip doesn't mean that you have to wait for him to finish eating first at the dinner table, rather it metaphorically means that a Leo man should have the very first say in anything and everything. Even when it comes to the praises and attention, he will want the lion's share. So let him have all that he wants and you should behave like you are content with the table scraps that fall off his table and you will be the princess of his den.

Also remember that Leo's are the vainest creatures that could ever exist and it can sure get to be testy after a few days. Make sure that you remember and try these tips only if you are ready to put up with a Leo's tantrums and cravings for attention. But you know what? Go ahead and make this Leo man fall in love with you, now that you know the two best tricks to satisfy a Leo man, learn to use it well and maybe even use it to get a laugh out of it!